About the club

History of TK Chvaletice dancing club

Our club was established 6.2.1982. It was named ATK SK PŘELOUČ and its founders were Petr Beneš and Dana Pavelková. At the beginning there were 7 dancing pairs, which trained on Mondays and Thursdays in KVT Přelouč. In 1983 the club was moved into Civic Credit Union in Přelouč. The club was there till August 1997. Dancing pairs fought one´s way into statewide competition in the E category in 1982. From 1983 ATK regularly took place in district and regional competitions in the opening dances.

In 1992 they firstly took place in International dance festival in Ústí nad Labem, where they were placed in 7-8 places with LAT MIX formation. In the final there were 6 formations. It was the first international Latino dance competition where they took place.

In 1994 – The first championship of ball formations in Chrudim. They were placed in the fifth place in the final with waltz formation called “Waltz with ABBA”

In September 1997 the dancing club changed the residence and also its name into TK Chvaltice. In November 1997 it has become a citizen association and its leaders are Dana Pavelková, Petr Beneš and Marta Pšeničková.

From 1997 TK regurarly takes place in MČR in Ústí nad Labem in standard formations. In 2001 TK firstly takes the third place with a formation called “Modrý sen”